About the Company

Vireo Loadworks Inc. is a group of established medical professionals who believe that everybody has a right to enjoy quality basic services at more affordable prices. Our common goal is to lend a hand to the people in our community and provide them with convenient access to opportunities that can improve their daily lives.

Everyone who lives in the Philippines will agree that, aside from food, shelter and clothing, mobile phone load now constitutes a basic need. People will cut down their food budget just to have enough money for cellphone load. That’s why we at Vireo have come up with a business solution with mobile phone load as its main product.

The business of mobile phone loading is booming. Vireo invites everyone to join us in this timely business opportunity - an opportunity that will help improve your current economic status by providing a quality product that is in demand everywhere in the country, by every person rich or poor, regardless of age or occupation.

Our vision is to build a network of successful entrepreneurs who will benefit from steady income build-up through proper business practices and an innovative system of business empowerment.