1.     Is Vireo Loadworks Inc. legal?

Yes.  Vireo Loadworks Inc. is a duly registered corporation under Philippine Laws.  It has complied with all required permits and documentations in the SEC and the Local government.

2.     Is Vireo Loadworks Inc. ethical?

Vireo Loadworks Inc. is a group of established medical professionals who believe that everybody has a right to enjoy quality basic services at more affordable prices. Our common goal is to lend a hand to the people in our community and provide them with convenient access to opportunities that can improve their daily lives.

The sale and promotion of legitimate products and services is legal and ethical.

3.     Is Vireo Load works Inc. the same as Pyramid Selling?

Absolutely not.  A pyramid scheme can be defined as a fraudulent money-making scheme that is based on a non-sustainable business model that involves the exchange of money primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme without a legitimate product or service being delivered. Eventually the number of new recruits fails to sustain the payment structure and the scheme collapses with most people losing the money they paid in. 

In Vireo Loadworks, Inc. the company follows the principle of network marketing - a distribution model that allows a company to sell their products directly to the consumer. Choosing to use a word of mouth approach (networking) instead of advertising through traditional streams (e.g. media). Therefore instead of paying the media for advertising, Vireo Loadworks is structured to reward distributors through commission in return for selling their products and finding new customers.

Therefore the main focus of Vireo Loadworks, Inc. is product distribution. The recruiting element of the company is merely a way of distributing more products and helping to build a leveraged income. 

4.     Do I need to sell to succeed in Vireo Loadworks Inc.?

One way or another, you need to be able to sell in order to succeed, no matter what anyone tells you, even if it’s only yourself as a potential sponsor, or the business opportunity. 

There is a need to set goals and action plans for success. You may even need to sell yourself, from time to time, on the vision you originally had when you got involved in Vireo Loadworks Inc. 

Selling doesn't have to be pushy or manipulative. In fact, the best sellers are usually teachers and leaders, not hype merchants. Selling an idea, design, opinion, or product is WHAT you have to eventually do in order to succeed.  This is, after all, a business. 

The determinants of one’s success are the WHY and HOW the person does it. There are better reasons (why) and methods (how) to produce faster, bigger results.

5.     Do I need to sponsor/recruit to succeed in Vireo Loadworks?

You can make some money and save some money in Vireo, but, if you really want to take advantage of the unique leverage offered by the company, you need to sponsor/recruit.

Sponsoring increases the amount of product flowing through your networking business, exponentially. This also boosts your rewards as well as reduces the amount of time and effort required.

Best of all, it gives you the opportunity to help other people become successful, financially independent, confident, and in the process provides you with a large network of people, who share your own values, with whom to enjoy the journey and share the rewards.

6.    Is the Mobile Phone Load a good product to network?

Yes.  Everyone who lives in the Philippines will agree that, aside from food, shelter and clothing, the mobile phone load now constitutes a basic need.  People will cut down their food budget just to have enough money for a cellphone load. That’s why we at Vireo have come up with a business solution with the mobile phone load as its main product.

7.    Can anyone really succeed in Vireo Loadworks Inc.?

Yes, they can, providing they meet the conditions on which the level of success depends. This is what separates the winners from the losers in any area of life, not just networking.

The difference in Vireo is that those conditions are achievable by anyone willing to create a clear vision for themselves, then invest the time, effort and discipline needed to realize that vision.

It requires some basic knowledge of the business and the right attitude. It does NOT require any particular gifts or talents, although these can help speed up the rate of success.

The secret of success in Vireo is leverage — the extent to which you can duplicate your achievements through sponsoring, training and supporting others to do what you do.


8.    How can I start in Vireo Loadworks Inc.?

I can start by paying P5,000.00 and getting an activation code. I will register online at wwww.vireoloadworks.com or though mobile. 

9.    Who are my prospective clients?

Anyone who has a mobile phone of legal age.  Minors will need to submit a Letter of Consent from parents or guardians. 

10.  I do not know how to sell.  How do I benefit from Vireo? 

You can benefit from the load discounts offered by Vireo Loadworks, Inc. 

11.  Can I acquire multiple accounts? 


 12.  Will I receive support and marketing assistance from Vireo? 

Yes.  Flyers and brochures are already included in the Kit and are also downloadable in the personal website of each distributor’s page.  A vigilant customer service support is also provided by the company for all concerns.  Training through the Vireo Training Academy (VTA) is provided for free for every distributor who wanted to propel his business to greater heights.

 13.  Is my distributor’s fee refundable?


14.  When can I get my investment back?

The return of investment is highly dependent on the skill, network, attitude and drive of a distributor to maximize his leverage income.

15.       How can I see and track my commission, down lines, and income?

Go to www.vireoloadworks.com and log in to your distributor’s page.

16.    I am not a computer literate.  Will Vireo assist me in registration and commission collection?

Yes.  You can register and load through mobile phones and get your commissions through ATMs. Vireo can also assist you through any of its Business Centers.  You can also get in touch with Vireo thru any of its office telephone numbers.

 17.     What will I do if I lose my mobile phone?

Please call Vireo Loadworks, Inc. customer service right away to report and freeze your distributor’s account.

18.     How stable is Vireo Loadworks Inc.?

Vireo Loadworks, Inc. is legal and ethical.  The product is protected by a system that is secure and formidable.

19.     How different is Vireo from other networking companies? 

Vireo utilizes a unilevel compensation plan.    

20. What is the difference of Binary from Unilevel? 

A binary compensation plan has two legs(binary means two) and only two legs. The idea is to sponsor two distributors, one in each leg. Ideas are one thing, but in reality, things rarely go exactly according to plan. It usually works out that you build one leg and your upline builds the other. 

In a unilevel compensation plan, you don’t build legs– you build levels. Your first level is everyone that you’ve personally sponsored. When your first level sign-ups sponsors somebody else, that person becomes part of your second level, and so forth.  

A binary compensation plan encourages you to work more closely with your team and build depth. You and your upline will be responsible for building the power leg for your team. If you get in at the right spot, it is possible to make good money with minimal work since people will be placed under you. There are no free rides in a unilevel compensation plan, as none of your organization will be built by your upline. However, in the long run you won’t be paid on your entire organization, and there is less teamwork going on. If you value equality and fairness, teamwork, and  being rewarded for your own efforts, you’ll want to build a unilevel compensation plan

The good thing about the unilevel is the ability to create momentum and excitement over a short period of time. Every sign-up counts!

The risk of a binary set-up is overpayment.  A binary system will be unable to support pay-outs in the medium term.  This will lead to the eventual collapse of the company, putting an end to all the promises of an exciting business built on hard work.  Recent sign-ups stand to lose their distributorship fee.  The binary set-up is flawed.  Not surprisingly, it is time-bound to fail. History will show us just that.      

21.  Does Distributorship to Vireo Loadworks expire?


 22.  How does Vireo account become dormant? 

        An account that becomes inactive for a period of 1 year will be automatically be classified by the system as dormant. Inactivity means no transactions of any form (sponsorship, load transfers) are noted by the system.

 23.  What happens if my Vireo account becomes dormant?

The responsibility of monitoring the account solely rests on the distributor. If the account becomes dormant, a notification will be received by the distributor through email or phone with instructions on how to reactivate the account. A maintenance fee of P25 per month shall be collected. No reactivation fee shall be collected. However, non-reactivation after 60 days’ notice will have the account archived. Once the account is archived, no reactivation will be entertained.

24.  What if the owner of the dormant account is deceased?

        The business generated by the distributorship is inheritable and may be transferred to the next of kin.  Philippine laws on inheritance and related matters shall apply. Immediate family members of the deceased are encouraged to coordinate with the Vireo office to facilitate this matter.  

25.   Do I still need to purchase a new Business Kit in case my SIM card or phone gets lost?

No. There is no need to purchase a new Business Kit. Inform Customer support of the loss right away. 

26.    I used a different mobile phone when I registered with Vireo.  Can I change my registered mobile number to a new one?

        Yes, you can change your registered mobile number.  Write a letter request to Vireo office to address this concern.

27.    Is my subscription fully transferable or inheritable?


28.    Can I use other mobile phones to request changes in my account information?

        No, the system will only recognize the initial mobile number provided by the distributor.  Any change with the account information will have to be channeled thru the Customer Support. Write a letter of request to Vireo office to address this concern,  

29.    What are the requirements to change permanent entries in my account information?

Permanent entries in the: account information includes the following: 1) Name of distributor, 2) Bank Account Number, 3) Mobile phone number. Write a letter of request to Customer Support to address this concern. A payment of Php150 shall be charged per account changed.

30.    I received a successful loading notification from the system but my customer did not receive the Prepaid Product (PIN-Based, OTA, Insurance). What should I do?

The system is equipped to negate this possibility. Call Customer Support to address this concern. 

31.    Loading sometimes take too long. Why does this happen?

       These problems may be caused by Telco congestion especially during peak hours and holidays or sometimes it is simply a case where the Telco network did not receive your load request in the first place.  It is recommended that you contact Vireo’s customer support to be sure.  A second load request will not be entertained by the system until the first load request has been successfully loaded.  This is protection provided by the system to the distributor.

32.    How do I replenish my Load Money?

       There are 3 ways to replenish your LoadMoney.  1) Buying from Vireo main office  2) Buying from Business Center 3)Debit from Unionbank Eon Account.

33.    I have already deposited/transferred payments to the Vireo Main Account or Business Center Bank Account, but I have not received my LoadMoney yet. What should I do?

        Make sure that you have already notified Vireo Main Office Customer Support, or the Business Center to which you are under, of your payment. Notification is being done by sending the necessary transaction details (transaction number, date, time, teller number, name of bank, branch, amount deposited) of the bank payment through text or email (scanned copy of the deposit slip). Once the notification is sent, your account shall be replenished as soon as your deposit has been verified.

        This usually take 3 hours. Please take note that posting period of deposits varies depending on the bank policies, but commonly, load wallet replenishments via over-the-counter deposits will be credited to your LX account the next banking day.